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kartra course template powerpoint

Why This Template?

Style Meets Instructional Design

This isn’t your average course slide or workbook template! This  may be as beautiful as others, but it was created by a designer with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology to serve a dual purpose.  This template uses strategies and techniques proven to help learners succeed while providing a beautiful cohesive style for your course or workshop.

The 38 pages come in slide (landscape format) and workbook (portrait format) so you can use the design and structure to build out both your course and workbook.

This template makes giving your participants an amazing resource so easy.  Each page was thoughtfully designed using principles of instructional design with a variety of layout choices, that has editable text in PowerPoint.

It’s time to give your participants a learning resource that will support them throughout your course or workshop!


workbook template for canva

Course Slides & Workbook Template

  • 38 stylish slide and page designs created by an Instructional Designer
  • Includes strategies and activities to help learners succeed
  • All layouts designed with free stock images
  • Done-For-You professional layouts, cut your stress and work down
  • Ideal for use with courses, workshops, or as a strategy guide
kartra course template

This Isn't Your Average Template

workbook template for course creators

Guided Activities Combined With Learning Strategies

As an instructor or course creator you want your participants to succeed by taking action!

This template was professionally designed for you to give participants results with your content. The designs can be with your video content or it can even be used to make a video with voiceover in Powerpoint.

This template has a range of options for strategies and activities to help all types of learners succeed.

We know that successful learners = happy customers, so we have pre-designed these interactive activity pages that encourage them to take action and apply what they are learning.

Each templates can be edited, combined or duplicated and used with multiple modules or learning activities.


canva workbook template

Organize Your Course in Style

A strategically organized course can make a huge difference to learners.

Our professional outlines, introductions, and planing pages lets participants know what they will be learning in each module and where to find it.

Each design will prepare participants for success by providing them all the key information they will need to get started in a user-friendly format.

We have templates that will beautifully organize your content and showcase key points, action steps, and the results they will achieve through your course.


kartra course template

Professional Resources Made Simple

Our templates used in PowerPoint will give you amazing course slides and workbooks in a fraction of the time.

The learning content created with this template will add value to your course or workshop by giving participants the information, tools , and resources they need to succeed in a stylish and proven format.

Creating a beautiful and professionally designed learning resources has never been this easy and quick!

38 different pages, layouts and designs to choose from. Scroll down to get a list of everything that is included!

Created By An Instructional Designer

Time Saving Versatile Templates

No Advanced Tech Skills Needed

kartra course template powerpoint

Value-Packed 38 Page Template In Workbook and Slide Format

– 2 front cover options
– 2 welcome page options
– 2 index page options
– 1 meet the instructor or course creator
– 1 course overview page
– 1 course purpose activity page
– 2 module cover page options
– 1 module overview page
–  2 content page options
– 1 module review activity page
– 2 resource page options
– 3 notes and checklist pages
– 4 student organizer pages
– 7 practice activity  pages
-1 Q and A page
– 3 motivational and praise pages
– 1 course goal tracker
– 1 thank you pages