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We offer online workshops to teach you how to get the most out of your business data. Our workshops are limited in size to ensure that each participant gets the attention and support needed. Please sign up below to be notified when registration will open for our next workshop.
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Get Data Optimized Results For Your Online Business

Data Collection

We set up an automatic system that will collect all your valuable data in real time.  We use your business goals to design a customized dashboard that will visualize all the important areas of your business.

Business Data Dashboards

Data Reporting

We use your data to grow your business with customized reports to guide the way.  We design your basic strategy with data collection, visualization, reporting, and monitoring.

Data Strategy Implementation

Data Analytics

We use web analytics to scour your data and find tweaks that will maximize your profits.  We use a proprietary mix of google analytics and reporting to find the web optimizations that will grow your sales revenue month after month.

Sales Performance Optimization


Our Data-Backed Method

You no longer need to be a big company to take advantage of what your data has to offer.  We use our data-backed method with web analytics to give growing business owners a targeted data strategy and optimization plans based on their own data.

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Step 2


The Results

Data Collection
Data Reporting
Data Analysis

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